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11 Steps of rolling your bounce house

So you’ve got your new bounce house business up and running. You inflated your commercial bouncy castle for first time and enjoyed it with the family. You turn the blower off and guide the inflatable down but how do you fold it to how it was when it arrived? We get that confusion quite often from entrepreneurs starting their venture. All inflatables games are a little unique but the rolling portion of any game is fairly similar. In this article we discuss the eleven steps it takes to roll up your inflatable game to the glory of how it looked when you first open the package. You will not only get step by step direction but also with the help of good old technology we posted images of folding one of our more popular bouncy castles

Step 1: Make sure all kids have exited the inflatable and that everyone is a safe distance away. Make sure the inflatable will not touch any cables or trees when it collapses. When you urn off the blower you have to run to the other side of the jumpers and pull the jumpers towards the step so the air inside will escape faster from the tubes in the back. Once the inflatable is on the floor and safe go around to the back and open all tubes. Once all tubes are open you can start cleaning up anything else until the commercial inflatable game is fully deflated.inflatable games for sale, buy moonwalks, bouncy castle, bounce house, jump house, moonwalks for saleStep 2:  Pull the back side of the commercial jumper towards the two tubes. 

moonwalks for sale, wholesale games, buy inflatable, jumping house for sale, interactive games, obstacle courseStep 3: Do the same with the front side and make sure that all the heads are in the inflatable game as best as possible.You want to make sure that the inflatable game is ready for the next time you inflate it. inflatable business, jump house company, moonwalks for sale, bouncy castle, bounce house, commercial inflatables

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Step 4: Put the step inside and walk on the unit flattening it out as best as possible. The more you walk on I the easier it will be to roll. If you notice the inflatable at this point would just need to be unrolled and pluged in. Once the blower is turned on the bouncy castle will pop up without any support. 

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Step 5: While facing the step fold one side of the inflatable jumper to the middle and walk on it from the step to the two tubes. Doing this takes out any air that is still in the jumper. The golden rule here is: the more you walk on it the easier it will to roll the inflatable. 

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Step 6: Do the same with the other side of the inflatable game.

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Step 7: Now that you have created to halves you have to make this one by throwing one on to the other. Then you go back and walk on it some more.

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inflatable jumps, bounce house on sale, jumping castle, moon bounce, inflatable obstacle courseStep 8: Once you have walked on the bouncy castle as much as is needed it is time to roll. It is best that you roll with three people because the smaller you get it in the end the less room it will take in your truck. Most of the time if you ask the customer for some help; they will assist you. You want two people rolling and one person that walks on the jumper making it easier to roll.  

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Step 9: Once you gone all the way to want to come back a little and put the tubes in the jumper and fold just a little inside the jumper and roll right on to it.

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Step 10: Put the straps on and tighten them. 

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Step 11: Stand the commercial inflatable game up and you done.

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