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Inflatable Moonwalk for Sale

The benefits of inflatable games for non-profits

“The Y is, and always will be, dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected and secure children, adults, families and communities. Every day our impact is felt when an individual makes a healthy choice, when a mentor inspires a child, and when a community comes together for the common good.” Our team at Best Jumpers could not agree more. Through national organizations like the YMCA to local churches and schools, the commitment of creating a safe and educational foundation for future generations is an overarching goal for nonprofit organizations, and we’re here to help. Our devotion of making inflatable moonwalks, which can be used to grow youth, is enjoyed by thousands of kids and communities across the country and throughout the world. As an inflatable manufacturer of popular games such as bounce houses and slides we take pride in knowing that our products can be used as tools for not only entertainment but also personal growth, exercise and social confidence.

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Community Unity

 The founders of Best Jumpers set out in 2001 to create an organization that would bring joy and a sense of union to the craziness of everyday life. As familymembers are out chasing their dreams and aspirations, the tradition of a family and community bond was slowly fading away as a thing of the past. Our founders quickly found that the inflatable game provided a source of unique, easily accessible and affordable entertainment for kids and adults alike. The colorful games give kids the opportunity to bond and create lifelong memories with their friends and family and provides parents a moment of reflection while there kids are young. Bounce houses are a fun way to provide not only entertainment but also bring family, friends and communities together.

Fun and Healthy

Among the many benefits of inflatables are the health benefits from exercise. Although you may not associate jumpers with exercise; the correlation between the two is clear. Before there were computer games, Play Stations and hundreds of TV channels I recall constantly playing outside with friends and neighbors. From hide-and-go-seek to catch to just climbing a tree for the fun of it; we were constantly in motion and although in our mind we were just playing; the obvious effects were the health benefits associated with all activity. The current generation on the other hand gets there entertainment through video games and online social portals, rather than going out into the real world and building new relationships and enjoying their youth. Jump houses build on the gap that virtual entertainment, from computers to television, creates. By offering both entertainment and excursive the bounce house is a tool like no other. 

Building Creativity

“Creativity is now as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” - Sir Ken Robinson

With a fast evolving world in virtually multiple directions, creativity is of upmost importance for the proper growth of future generations. The era of teaching broad subject areas in the  hopes of spawning creativity has evolved into creating flexible thinkers that can generate new ideas and act to produce value. Just knowledge by itself will no longer be power but with it needs to come creativity, intuition and emotion.

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Building creativity can be accomplished in a multitude of ways but what all other tools lack that the inflatable moonwalk provides is the physical characteristics of a breathing game that brings imagination into reality.  The creative shapes, aspects, colors, themes and characters that encompass any inflatable produces the creativity, intuition and emotion necessary for future generations to become as successful as founders of the leading social and technology companies which dominate multiple markets.

Human Bonding

Developing close interpersonal relationships with new people is best done in a natural, safe and fun environment. For kids, an inflatable is the best opportunity to bond with new people and strengthen old relationships through the enjoyment and excitement of the moment. From simple games such as inflatable moonwalks and bouncer slide combos to obstacle courses and interactive games each presents a moment were everyone can let go, enjoy their time and build a human connection they may have forgiven otherwise.

Challenging Youth

Our product lineup not only includes jump houses but also a verity of Water Games, Interactive inflatables and Slides. Interactive Games are a great way of enticing kids and youth to challenge themselves and build confidence to further their development. Games such as obstacle courses provide an opportunity for understanding the competitive nature of life and striving to improve oneself through effort. Games can also provide a challenging atmosphere were youth can learn ways to overcome fear of trying new things and building confidence that can used to improve their adult lives.

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