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Indoor Family Entertainment Center Business

Start an Indoor Fun Center

Family entertainment center, indoor facility, fun center, inflatable indoor gamesThere has been a recent boom in the number of Family Entertainment Center that have started up nationally and internationally. Having a safe, entertaining and affordable arena for kids of all ages and parents to enjoy, while being in your local neighborhood, has become the new norm. Whether you want to plan a weekend birthday party or have a weekday pizza and entertainment treat for an excellent student, FEC’s have become the number one stop for parents. Affordability, minimal travel and superior amusement are just some of the reasons families have created the abundant demand for bounce houses. This niche market has presented an excellent business opportunity of entrepreneurs to explore and grow.  While the demand is high the growth of FEC’s has not matched the supply leaving an abundance or space for new investment in new unexplored cities and states.  So how can we help?

Our FEC Knowledge

Starting any business from scratch is a challenging process that takes endurance and will but with the help of our knowledgeable representatives we can relive some of the stress by providing you a firm base to build on. The centerpieces of any Family Entertainment Center are the inflatables that bring to life the memorable moments kids, parents and friends alike will have. Having an experienced inflatable manufacturer with a decade of knowledge creating high quality products will become a great source when you begin planning and devoting your recourses. Selection of a suitable location, appropriately themed inflatables  that meet state standards and organization are just some of the challenges that our FEC representatives can assist you with.

Indoor FEC Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How tall of a building do I need?

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A: Buildings with 15 - 20 feet tall ceilings are preferred and 20 feet and up are ideal. Ceilings shorter than 15 feet high are not recommended. Facilities with higher ceilings can accommodate bigger and more exciting inflatable games that can attract more customer to your location.

Q: How big of a facility do I need to start a Family Entertainment Center?

A: This depends on several factors, like the population in your area and how much business you can reasonably expect from surrounding cities. The cost of real estate and your start up budget are factors that should be taken into consideration. FEC’s in smaller towns have facilities between 3,000 - 6,000 square feet, whereas, in larger cities facilities are between 7,000 - 12,000 square feet.

Q: What inflatable games to most people start with?

A: You have to accommodate a wide verity of your guests. That being said you should have bounce houses, inflatable games and slides. Some popular inflatable games would include: 40Ft Obstacle Course, 2 Person Joust, Challenge Course, Sumo Challenge, Sticky Wall and a Toddler Combo to name a few. 

Q: What is a reasonable rent or lease amount for the facility?

A: Real Estate prices vary from state to state and percentage of revenues paying facility costs also varies. This factor should be addressed based on your financial capabilities.

Q: Is this a profitable business?

A: Like any other business careful analysis is required to determine profitability. A Family Entertainment Center is relatively simple to run, does not require employees with a specialty in a certain field, and can usually be run with a part-time dedication.

Q: How should I select the right equipment?

A: Our knowledgeable sales team will help you buy the right inflatable games for your indoor entertainment center. Not only will we give you recommendations, we will also tell you the logic behind it so you may make an informed decision.

Q: Why should I buy from you?

A: We have over a decade of inflatable manufacturing experience, hundreds of satisfied business customers across the country and we manufacture our products in the US.

Q: How do I start?

A: Since the infaltables will be the main attraction in your Indoor Family Entertainment Center choosing the right games will be critical. To start the process we suggest browsing all our inflatable games and writing the ones you like. Then call a Best Jumpers reprisentitive at 800.717.5867 and they will help you select the best moonwalks to ensure you sucess. 

7 Step Inflatable BusienssStart indoor fec, inflatable games for sale, buy bounce castle, sales of large slides

So you interested in starting an inflatable indoor FEC but don’t know where to start. We compiled a seven step solution that provides a step by step overview of what it takes to start and run a family entertainment felicity. From day to day operation to marketing and deciding what inflatable games to purchase our seven step program will give you an unprecedented view of the world of fun centers. To start your sneak peak view please click here and make sure to call a friendly representative with nay questions.  

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