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Bounce House Rental Business

Start bouncy castle rental in your community

Bouncy Castle, moonwalk rental, inflatable, jumper, bouncy castle, party jumpTaking into consideration the difficulty of starting a business is the first step in realizing the simplicity of opening and operating an inflatable rental company. When you invest in Best Jumpers you are investing in your success as a businessperson. We take pride in helping hardworking individuals succeed by providing all you need to run your personal rental company. The moonwalk industry has grown over the years as more parents, families and institutions rely on inflatables for entertainment and memorable experiences.The amazing experiences kids and parents have with bounce houses only compares to memorable experiences at theme parks,  at a quarter of the cost. Even during the recent slump the; inflatable market held steadfast while other industries downsized and moved production internationally. We invite you to explore a few reasons, found below, to invest your time and money and create a long-lasting relationship with Best Jumpers. 

Jumper Company Benefits

Small investment - Compared to other business ventures starting a jumper rental company is relatively inexpensive. What you invest to start an inflatable rental company is very flexible and simply depends on your wants. When you purchase a inflatable slide, for example, it is a small investment that will bring in profit for years to come. 

Investment Return - Since your investment is low to begin with you return is fast. What you invest in starting your business can be recuperated in a matter of months. Depending on your area if you rent out your units at five to ten percent of its cost you can get back your investment in a matter of 20 rentals or less.

Low Overhead - Starting an bouce house rental business is very easy and has limited extra expenses to run daily activity. The beauty of a home based business is the fact that most of the money you spend to pay for your business is money that you would spend regardless.

References - Word of mouth is ultimately the best form of advertising because it’s essentially free. Every jumper rental has the potential to create more rentals as parents and observers see the great opportunity for their kids parties and family events.

Minimal Maintenance - While other businesses require frequent maintenance to equipment inflatable rental companies require a very limited amount. We have found that by simply keeping the unit clean you drastically increase the life expectancy of the game and also increase you profit margin.

Marketing Costs - Since you are only dealing with your surrounding communities marketing your products is fairly inexpensive. By advertising in the local yellow pages or posting small ads in family magazines you can reach out to a larger pool of potential customers.  

Large Market - The inflatable rental industry is growing yearly to include many organizations outside of family based rentals. Some of these groups include.


Birthday Parties Company Picnics Street Fairs
Grand Openings Church Events Halloween Parties
Corporate Parties Family Picnics Festivals
Shopping Centers Pre-Schools Fundraisers
Summer Camps Youth Groups Daycare Centers
Car Dealerships Swap Meets Xmas Tree Lots
Carnivals School Events Super Bowl Parties
Holidays Pumpkin Patches Many More...


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-Happy Faces - You can bring happiness to many faces as you make money. The excitement of the entertainment industry will make everyday a fun day of work. While you provide families and friends the opportunity to bond you yourself will be happy with your businesses. Having your own business and being your own boss will help to.

-Minimal Space/Weight - Inflatable games can take as small as two square feet of space that makes storing your games painless. Many startup companies use that extra space in the garage which can save you money. All our inflatables are made from 18oz heavy duty vinyl which is more suitable when dealing with kids and the stresses that are put upon the unit. While our games are not the lightest in the market they are manageable by one person with a dolly. Our interior baffle system insures that the inflatable bounce house is durable and light without compromising safety. Many of our competitors are using lighter materials that reduces production costs but this directly influences the inflatables durability by reducing the outer coating and exposing the base fabric. This is also dangerous to safety as you are reducing the reliability of the unit to stay inflated while riders are inside.

As you may notice the demand and benefits of owning an inflatable rental business is impressive as compared to starting any other venture. Below we have provided three simple scenarios for startup companies. Each scenario displays the number of products you offer for rent and you weekly income for an average rental rate of one and a half times per week.


Average Inflatable Rental Revenue

  Inventory/Rental Price per 8-Hour Day Average Rental Frequency Weekly income
Scenario 1 1 Bouncer/$90 1.5 $135
  Cost of Equipment = $1,400 Scenario 1 Weekly Income Total $135
Scenario 2 2 Bouncers/$90 1.5 $270
  2 Minicombo/$120 1.5 $360
  Cost of Equipment = $7,000 Scenario 2 Weekly Income Total $630
Scenario 3 3 Bouncers/$90 1.5 $405
  2 Minicombo/$120 1.5 $360
  1 10ft Slide Combo/$180 1.5 $270
  1 20ft Slide/$230 1.5 $345
  Cost of Equipment = $14,890 Scenario 3 Weekly Income Total $1,380

10 Step Inflatable Business

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In the above scenarios you may notice that you payoff your initial investment of purchasing the inflatables in an average eleven weeks at the one and a half rental frequency rate. Overall your return on investment, when you purchase your new inflatable bounce house from Best Jumpers, can be met in less than one season of rentals. With our guidance and help we have participated in creating hundreds of small business around the country and world and with your commitment we are confident that we can help you become a successful business owner as well. We hope that you take advantage of our one of a kind 10 Step Inflatable Business resource that we have put together using our decade long knowledge of the industry. If you have any questions please view our FAQ section or contact us and a friendly Best Jumpers associate will be happy to help you.

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