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Quality Starts at the Foundation

Quality Starts at the Foundation

Our inflatable materials are among the finest in the industry. The waived polyester base fabric provides a perfect balance of strength and durability, to accommodate the hundreds of patrons that our games will amuse throughout the years. The dual sided 18 ounce coating further protects the base fabric and gives life to our colorful creations which so many enjoy. Unlike our competitors, we only utilize 18 ounce fabric throughout the inflatable and don't resort to schemes to cut costs and reduce lifespan. Finally, the surface finish, on the cover, provides for resistance to mold buildup and sustains the vibrant colors.


Precision Cutting MattersPrecision Cutting Matters

The superiority and difference of our cutting and processing department is centralized around the precision of the initial cut. Our mechanized cutting table uses CAD technology to accurately complete each cut with maximum care as compared to traditional hand cutting.


Hand Crafted ArtHand Crafted Art

Our expert craftsman use years of experience and knowledge to build the amazing inflatable games that put smiles on faces and create long-lasting memories. The expertise and attention that our craftsmen use in creating every inflatable are, among other reasons, why our games are the finest in the industry.


Hand Crafted ArtComputerized Design Advantage

Traditionally, our design department would create temples from which our games were based on. As technology advanced our team of designers replaced the traditional form of manufacturing with computer designed replicas which mimic the final product in more detail. The advanced programs provide for a better final product by ensuring that all calculations are accounted for and precise; and leads to safer and more durable games for the long run.


Double Down on SeamsDouble Down on Seams

To craft our inflatables we use the thickest and strongest polyester thread on the market. The thread itself consists of a weave of three strands that combine to provide the strength used to craft our games. To ensure further durability we double stitch every part of our games and quadruple stitch all stress points for maximum strength. Furthermore, through a verity of techniques our craftsmen limit the amount of air output from our inflatables to create a balance in pressure and resilience.


Engineering the BounceEngineering the Bounce

To create the "bounce" in our bounce houses we designed a system to both absorb and project the energy from and to the rider. This system creates the buoyancy feeling to which both children and adults enjoy. Our design also ensures that the weight of the rider(s) is absorbed evenly throughout the game so specific locations don't bear the brunt of the stress and wear faster.


Inspection Makes a DifferenceInspection Makes a Difference

Quality control is a key element for our manufacturing process. During and after finishing our games we inflate and process a full inspection report to verify that all quality control standards and regulations are met. Among the many variables most importantly we check any safety measures that are installed and verify its functionality. All our inflatables are thoroughly inspected and tested to make sure your investment in our products will adequately meet all high quality standards.


Ultraviolent (UV) Coating StandardUltraviolent (UV) Coating Standard

When you rent games outdoors your products are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun that can eventually fade and dull the material color. Our products are finish coated with a UV cover to protect your investment from becoming un-rentable. By reflecting the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing, our inflatables stay vivid and bright.


Higher StandardsHigher Standards

Although relatively young the inflatable industry, through the CPSC and ASTM, has safety regulations that must be followed. Unlike many competitors, our team at Best Jumpers, has thoroughly analyzed and implemented these policies. Among the tough standards ASTM F2374 is a pioneer for state and federal regulations as it clearly established standard practice measures for safety and quality control.



Lead SafeLead Safe

All our products, from our bouncers to water games, are independently tested lead safe and conform to state and federal regulations. With more and more inflatables being imported from China and other overseas locations, were regulation and testing criteria are skewed; we take pride in creating products in the US which strictly conform to safety standards.


Safe Play NettingSafe Play Netting

Our Safe Play Netting is one of a kind in the industry because kids cant climb and potentially hurt themselves and others. While others in the industry use larger perimeter patterns we switched to the higher-priced one-quarter sized version. With thicker thread the netting can take more stress and has a longer lifespan.


Emergency ExitEmergency Exit

Unlike the industry average we have taken the additional step of installing an emergency exit on our bounce houses to ensure that all riders safely exit the ride in emergency situation. The exit is secured with velcro straps that can be easily popped off providing a quick passage, if in any circumstances, the game deflates.


Reinforced Safety StepReinforced Safety Step

The reinforced safety step that, is standard on all our bounce houses, provides for a safe entrance and exit from the bouncer. The step gives that small boost that young and old kids need to enjoy their time playing and provides a dependable landing for when they exhaust their energy. The safety step, being the hallway to a great time, is on the front line of constant stress. Therefore we took the extra step in designing a reinforced step to endure the hundreds of riders that will use it throughout the years.


Reinforced Safety StepSit and Slide

Safe, durable and unique our slides take the reality of young riders and incorporate features to ensure their safety. The sit and slide feature forces riders to do just that. It illuminates the opportunity of riders sliding recklessly and promotes a safe and fun environment. Other features that we have included in our new slide design include: multiple staking location to reduce swaying and reconfigured internal structure to provide for better foundation and pressure.


Safety SignSafety Sign

A safe playing environment starts at the door with our safety sign. Our games come standard with general instructions for what riders should and cannot do during their time in the inflatable games. We encourage all riders to have a great time and create long lasting memories but never at the expense of safety towards themselves and others. The sign clearly expresses specific instructions that must be followed by riders and operators alike to ensure a fun and harmless environment.



Experienced Customer ServiceExperienced Customer Service

We take pride in having a great customer service and sales division in our company. With the relatively young inflatable industry; our companies more than decade long experience proves essential to creating and expanding small businesses nationwide. Our representatives provide direct and honest answers and don't resort to measures to prop sales. We provide clear answers and will constantly strive to exceed your needs.


Experienced Customer ServiceLowest Price Guaranty

Because we are so confident in our product and ability to exceed any expectation our customers have, were offering this guarantee. If you get a quote from any relative US manufacturer Best Jumpers will endeavor to beat that price. Among the many ethical business practices, we by no means cut corners to lower cost and produce cheaper products; therefore our quotes will be complete and competitive so your success as a small business owner will also be guaranteed.


Lowest Price GuarantyQuick Lead Time

Having a centralized manufacturing facility in the US gives us the upper hand to providing you with prompt manufacturing and delivery deadlines that won't cut into your budget. Although we have a vast stock of games ready to go our team is prepared and assembled to meet your deadlines if that stock diminishes. Furthermore, unlike our competition who manufacture and import from overseas we welcome new and creative designs that can further the inflatable industry.


BBB TrustedBBB Trusted

Over the past decade we have had hundreds of satisfied clients from across the US and overseas who, like the Better Business Bureau, can vouch for our products and services. We welcome you to look at our A+ rating through the BBB by Clicking Here.


Express Delivery Standard

Express Delivery Standard

Among the many advantages of being a trusted source for inflatables products for more than a decade is building lasting relationships with others in related fields. One such relationship that we have built is with the transportation industry. Through this bond we acquire steep discounts, which we pass down to you, and speedy service, which also serves for your benefit. Whether you're in the US, Canada, Mexico or any international country we have representatives who can serve your needs.


Shipping ContainerShipping Container

We understand that you've made an investment to start or expand your small business and be your own boss. That's why we take the additional step to protect your investment from all kinds of incidents; by sheltering your products under multilayer insulation. If, for any reason, the game arrives damaged we welcome your to call the toll free number and we will ensure that the problem is resolved to your upmost satisfaction.


Turn Key SolutionsTurn Key Solutions

At Best Jumpers we want you to be successful as a small business owner so you can always come back to us for your inflatable needs. Among the many things we do to ensure your success is giving you all the literature, tools and tips that we have gained over the past decade. For example we posted a 10 Step guide to starting an inflatable rental business, which can be found by Clicking Here. Furthermore, we provide all you need to rent and maintain your inflatable with your purchase so there is no speculation.


Shipping ProcessShipping Process

So you might be wondering about shipping your products when you've made your purchase. It's easy when you purchase with Best Jumpers because we've got all the angles covered. When the games have been shipped you'll receive an email with your tracking information which will guide where your games are until they arrive at your local terminal or residence. Once you product arrives all you have to do is inspect and get your business started.


Made in the USAMade in the USA

All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in our Sun Valley, California facility by strict safety and environmental standards which ensures your products quality, safety and durability. We welcome you to visit our facility were you will be given a tour of the manufacturing plant and a glimpse of what it takes to create the inflatable art.


World Wide ServiceWorld Wide Service

Although inflatables are popular in the US there incentive is growing internationally. The wonderful entertainment and profit that comes out of inflatable rentals has given spark to entrepreneurs world wide. Our team at Best Jumpers has teamed with brokers to provide quick and easy access everywhere. We welcome you to call or email a friendly representative at Best Jumpers to inquire further.

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