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Buy a Commercial Bounce House

Like any first time business owners, there is always the importance of starting off with the right product. You want to do as much research as you can and take as much advice as well. Of course in the bounce house business you look at potential profits as one of the first things. How much money will actually be invested for gas, repairs, and labor starts to pop up as well. And maybe even how you plan on maintaining your products stored will eventually come up. But the most important thing to really take into consideration is the product. What inflatable manufacturer you are going to decide to work with to have all of your inflatables needs met? Many people may think that all inflatables are the same, and made of the same material, but they really aren’t.  Bounce houses you find in a retail store and a bounce house combo you find at an inflatable are completely different

bounce house, jump house, jumper fopr sale, moonbounce, moonwalks, inflatable gamesWhat makes them different you ask? It’s simple, commercial bouncers and retail store bouncers are meant for two different things. Inflatable manufacturers realized that there were many people who wanted to use jumpers for entertaining their children in the backyard instead of the using the traditional trampoline. These inflatables started to serve as an alternative way to provide a fun game to play at home instead of an at home playground or toys. Bounce House combos that are actually commercial however are meant for much more than just two or three children. These two inflatables have difference in material, quality, and endurance and should really be monitored carefully so that you won’t make the mistake of purchasing the wrong type of inflatable game for your business.

Retail store inflatables or at home versions of the commercial bounce house combos really have much thinner material and be noticed through weight. Residential units are not designed for the rental business and therefore are light enough to be carried and put up by one person. Smaller crowds are usually what you expect to see around the at home versions of commercial bouncers and really don’t need much thicker material. Inflatable manufacturers created the at home version for fun and entertainment, but of course at a much lower and moderate level. These inflatables are not meant to withstand as much horse play or activity and therefore should not be placed in those conditions often.

Inflatable Manufacturers that are strictly commercial grade will often withstand the exact opposite of what the retail store inflatable can. Bounce House combos will be made of much higher quality and sometimes be much heavier. With higher quality material, you ensure that your inflatable will be able to hold out when a large group of children are using it. Thicker material also permits your inflatable to withstand climate and rougher circumstances without having the seams or wear and tear occur as often. Although residential bouncers are much more affordable than that of a commercial bouncer, it is always wiser to get what you know you’ll need as a bounce house business. You wouldn’t want to put in more than you originally planned in repairs and new units, so avoid all of the headaches and financial worries and get a product that will do its job in the circumstances it’s meant for.