Bounce Houses

Rain policy in your bounce house business

In most businesses, rain isn’t the determining factor to knowing if you’re going to be going to work or not. In the bounce houses business however, rain can be that determining factor. You usually end up with a lost day of potential business and some unsatisfied customers due to the drastic change of plans on their big day. Of course rainy days and gloomy weather is no one’s fault and should really be something that should be dealt with lightly, customers will be frustrated that the moonwalks for sale you purchased to rent out to them are non-usable and you have to find ways to get past that frustration.

As a business man who purchased moonwalks for sale for a great way of being independently successful, you have to think of how to not only stay interesting and relevant to attract new customers, you have to keep your current customers satisfied 100%. In the weather sense you have to do your research and develop a rain policy for your bounce house rental business. Look up your areas average rainfall expectancy throughout the year and when it is more likely to rain throughout the year as well.

Information such as this can be found on the web. Simply type in weather reports or average rainfall in your area and thebounce house, sales of bouncers, moonwalks for sale, jumpy castle, inflatable games, moonbounce information will come flowing

Second, you have to figure out what kind of rain policy you’re willing to offer your customers interesting in renting the moonwalks for sale you purchased. Think of something like a cut-off policy to allow your customers and yourself the sufficient amount of time to cancel a rental. A good cut-off policy for a bounce house rental business can be anywhere from 3-5 hours. Be sure to clarify the cut-off policy and assure your customers know even if the delivery is for a day before an event, the cut-off policy is still intact for the amount of hours stated. 

A good option for unfortunate circumstances where it begins to rain when the delivery was already made is offer the opportunity to reschedule a new time and date for the moonwalks for sale you’re renting to be delivered. This is a great way to keep your customers happy and keep your business up and running even when it’s raining. You can also think up other to avoid rain, raining down on your events such as tents and warmers being a part of your inventory. Your bounce house rental business will be able to stand out from the rest and offer many features many other bounce house businesses do not offer. Allowing more customers to become repeat customers and newer customers aware of your services.

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