Inflatable Rental Business

Expecting Your Client Needs

In order to create a large and loyal client list in the moonwalk business, as an independent business owner you must learn to be able to expect what your client needs will be. Being able to meet a client and already know what he or she will ask or be most concerned about is the number one key essentials a business owner needs in order to succeed. A client generally looks to be able to put their trust in a business and be able to feel secure when seeking quality service. Therefore, learning to provide that secure environment to each individual client that seeks your services equals a much more profitable margin for you.

Safety – When a customer generally looks into renting any inflatable jumper, obstacle course, or inflatable slide they tend to lean more towards the inflatable game that promotes the most safety. As a parent, there main concern is to provide their children with a safe and fun environment. Be sure to anticipate this issue by providing your customers with detailed information on how to allow the children conduct themselves when utilizing the moonwalk or inflatable obstacle course.

Price – Another issue that will be sure to come up before any client decides to use your services is the price. A client must be able to agree with you on what they consider is a good price. Anticipate this issue by comparing your prices to the local competition and making sure that your prices are consistent to those of the competition in order to continue making a manageable profit. Make sure that your prices are neither too low nor too high.

Size – Another common issue that a renter may bring up will be regarding the size of your jumpers. Just how many kids can fit in the moonwalk at one time, or what is the weight capacity of your obstacle course unit? Another common question is just how big it is; will it fit in my back yard? Anticipate this issue with providing a pamphlet that explains to your customers everything they might want to know regarding the size of their desired inflatable game.

Durability – Lastly, a customer will always ask about how durable a product and just how reliable it actually is. A customer does not want to be held liable if one of the children in the unit accidently damage it. Therefore, they want to be able to have the children play in a inflatable jumper and know that there is no chance of any ripping or tearing going on if the children decide to play a bit more aggressively. Not only is it tied with liability, but also goes along the lines of also knowing how safe the moonwalk or obstacle course is. Anticipate these issues with letting your customers see how durable your jumpers are with private previews of your units or samples of material. These will usurer your customers that your products are of top quality.