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The Games Side of an Indoor FEC

Inflatables on the Rise

Inflatable games have been and probably always be a huge part of the indoor FEC world, simply because of the many new moonwalks coming out that are better looking and more high quality. One game that has made many heads turn in the past couple years is 40 foot inflatable obstacle course.  Players get to experience the thrill of competition and challenge themselves to be better through an interactive moonwalks. Other interactive games that have been eye catching has been 20 foot double lane slides. For those who enjoy regular bounce houses there is always a verity of bouncy castles and jump slide combos that can cater your needs.

How to Increase Game Usage and Income

With inflatable games being a huge part of the Family Entertainment Industry, It is important your game usage stays at an overall high. Tips to help you make that happen without breaking the bank can be as simple as moving your games around from time to time. This way, guests will get a sense of a newer and better inflatables being moved in even though there really aren’t. This just gives them a chance to try out all the games they’ve skipped out on before. Another tip is to offer prizes that will make everyone want to win as many tickets on as many games as possible. With their eye on the prize, it’s more likely that they not only stay longer, and play longer, but also spend more in the arcade room. Everything can leap to greater heights with just better prizes to work towards.

Presentation can also play a huge part in how guests view your arcade room. Many indoor FECs tend to use their game rooms presentation to attract as many people as possible. Placing your inflatable games somewhere that everybody can access them no matter what direction there coming from is always smart. This helps bring in customers that came for maybe a ride in the race track or mini golf go for some arcade games as well. The more people can see it, the more people are interested. You do want to keep in mind however, how you incorporate your games to make sure all your games are appealing and not just the big and bright ones. Stick to games that kids will most definitely want to come out and play, instead of using the common games they can easily find at a super store to play in their own private homes.

Game On

Its quite evident that game rooms back in the day and game rooms of today have one thing that makes them completely different, and that’s the fact that children of today can have almost all of the same games in there living room with the purchase of a top selling video game player. FECs used to be able to stay at the top of the food chain with video game rooms because children didn’t have those sorts of games at home to play with. They had to come out and play them at your FEC. Now FECs have to find new ways to make the kids want to come out even though they could have that same game at home.

Good tips are sticking to the bigger and better interactive moonwalks, large screens and the high voltage sound effects that make even the non gamers want a turn.  Also, look for inflatable games that are exciting and big to attract the public. Large inflatable games are usually games that will bring an interest to guests because it’s not something they can rent. Most importantly, make sure you have the prizes to back up all the extraordinary games you have to offer. The better the prizes, the more the guests stay to play more games for a chance at winning that huge plush toy or mechanical sports car.

Flipping Out

Everyone can agree to disagree that Pinball Machines of yesterday are far from what they are today. Back in the 1970’s Pinball Machines made up more than 90% of all 6 billion amusements businesses. But of course with the many upgrades technology has allowed video gaming and overall entertainment to make pinball Machines have slowly fallen on the back burner. Many pinball experts on the other hand have come to a firm belief that pinball just might have a comeback. Many kids have come to discover the pinball machine and liked its different yet competitive features that differentiate it from any other video or arcade game.

Competition has become a huge part of the believed pinball comeback, with the largest group in pinball history to show up at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Competitions generally bring in crowds, and with larger crowds, the more people wishing they could do that too. This is exactly how tournaments have been working out. More and more people have growing interest in Pinball competition and therefore pinball experts believe pinball Machines might just come back. So can we expect a pinball comeback, believers hope to have a yes to that answer and with that many more years of Pinball victory.

The Perfect Game

Family Entertainment Centers everywhere are constantly looking to find that it game or product that marks there FEC as one that offers versatility and creativity. With that being said, both interactive bounce houses and inflatable slides are a big part. The benefit of having moonwalks to accommodate the regular electronic games is the versatility and affordability of inflatables. Taking into consideration maintenance and repair costs inflatable moonwalks are by far a very good investment that will attract large crowds and revenue. These games can easily fit in FECs with space constraints and still be a huge part of your profits.

With a large line of products verifying from bounce houses, slides, interactive games, water games and combo units our verity is not limited. Among the many benefits that we provide is the versatility and reliability of US made inflatables. Whether you’re looking for something that we have in-stock or making a special order we can accommodate your needs and preferences; our Los Angeles based plant can provide what you need in a short and faxable timeframe.

Redemption Plus

Family Entertainment Centers and businesses overall have long sought new ways of being able to reach their customers long after their visit. The traditional phone calls, emails, and even direct mails have been a key way for far too long. Wouldn’t it be great if business owners and operators could stay in contact with these customers with them voluntarily logging in at home in their own free will? Planet Prize Online Redemption allows FEC visitors to bypass the line at the counter and straight into the online world to redeem their merchandise. This is done once customers register a game card at the facility. Customers are free to log on at home and choose from various prices at home or move along to get it then and there.

Redemption Plus philosophy is that the company can only grow if its customers are doing the same. Since its launch in February of 2009 PPOR has been used in demo mode at Alley Cats in Arlington Texas. Redemption Plus hopes to allow customers to be able to bypass the counter line and have the comfort of logging in at home. Long term hopes are to be able to have one or two software companies and around a dozen customers. 

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