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How to Start a Jump House Business

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Taking Jump House Orders

What do you have available? What are your prices? The two most commonly asked questions in the jump house business. It's easy to rattle off the themes you carry and your prices. It takes a little salesmanship, enthusiasm and belief in your jump house business to convince a customer that they found their jump house for the weekend.

For Example:

Customer: What themes do have available?
You: We have lots of fun themes to choose from. What is your event?

Customer: It's a birthday party.
You: Wonderful, is it for a little girl or a boy?

Customer: My son.
You: Does your party have a theme?

Customer: I think my wife said it's going to be Harry Potter.
You: Excellent. I have the perfect unit for your party. We have a green dragon with big red toenails and a ridge of orange tips down his back. He's fun, whimsical but not scary and couldn't be more perfect for Harry Potter theme.

Customer: Let's do it.

Customers are looking for a reason to stop calling around and you have just convinced them that they just found their inflatable jump house. The rest of the call is fairly easy after that, you fill in all the blanks on your delivery order form, repeat all the information back to the customer and promise to give them a reminder call the Wednesday prior to the party to reconfirm their reservation.

Wednesday reminder calls are very important; they remind the customer that they have a jump house (like a obstacle course or rock climb) coming so if they had an emergency and aren't going to have the party after all, you'll know. That gives you several days to find another customer for that jump.

Deposits: As discussed earlier if others in your area aren't taking deposit it's hard to justify taking them. When working from your home, you likely would prefer not to have customers knocking on your door to deliver a deposit. It's inconvenient for customer and a possible sale spoiler. On the other had taking credit card numbers over the phone is easy enough and you get pre-paid.

Be ethical: while conducting your business; always treat customers how you wish to be treated. If you are fully booked a customer begs you to rent him or her a jump house that is already rented; they offer you more money; don't do it. Three people will know what you did. The original customer, the second customer and you will know. Don't do anything deliberate that you have to apologize for. It's not worth the few extra dollars to get a reputation of being unreliable.

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6 | Step 7 | Step 8 | Step 9 | Step 10