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How to Start a Moonwalk Rental Busienss

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Organization of your Inflatable Business

This book will provide you with some basic forms to organize your day to day business. However, some industry related software programs have been designed to enable you to track everything from the usage of your bouncy castle through when to reschedule a re-contact. You can do all of this by hand, but the programs will do it much more accurately and efficiently. Software programs are designed to show you what is working and what isn't. If you intend to purchase software you won't need the following documents.

Documents are an important component when running a business. They structure your conversation and keep you focused. All the documents listed in this book are vital to each different segment of the rental process which should flow something like this:

Call: The customer will initially call you for pricing and availability. You will check your rental book to see what is available.

Reserve: Reserve the inflatable party jumper as requested by the customer and fill out a sales sheet with the customer's information; after the call transfer that same information to your rental book.

Verify: The Wednesday before the weekend call the customers scheduled in your rental book and verify the request.

Chart: It will be necessary to map your dropoff days' activities by scheduling your distribution on a flow chart. (Thursday is a good day to fill out paperwork for the weekend. Print a map on the back of the order paper, so that the driver has a copy of your original agreement. Fill out completely, the rental agreement document. Staple the order document map side up to the rental agreement document.

Deliver: Arrive on location on time when delivering your party jumper; have a customer sign a Rental agreement sheet, and provide them with a copy.

Pickup: Pickup and clean the unit in a timely manner. Thank your customer.

Remind: Re-contact the customer the following year with their information provided on your sales receipt.

Remind: Re-contact the customer the following year with their information provided on your sales document is a great solution to keeping you bouncy castles rented throughout the year.

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The sales sheet is a worksheet that will come in handy to keep track of party jumper rentals. It's what you fill out when gathering information about your bouncy castle rentals from your customer. This information will be used to file in your database for customer profiles and used the following year to send out postcard reminders for the customer's upcoming birthday party. It's a good idea to have these preprinted to fill in, then flip over the original to print a computer generated map on the other side, that way the person shipping has all the information with him or her when doing the drop offs. Although most of the information on this document is self explanatory, after the address and zip code of the customer there is an area that asks for surface information. This is asking what type of surface the party jumper will be placed on (IE: gravel, grass, dirt, concrete) and will tell your driver if they need extra sandbags or tarps. (Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when setting up inflatable party jumper) Whether or not you decide to use this template for your order document always get 2 phone numbers. If you're shipping a inflatable bounce castle to a park make sure you get a cell number. It will help you avoid confusion and frustration when there was a miss-communication during the information gathering process regarding the Park Ramada number or time. The following is an excerpt from a rental book it is a brief synopsis of the information in the sale sheet and will help you organize your day at a glance; weekdays don't necessarily require the listing of all the units since it will be rare that you completely book all your weekday slots. (Halloween, even when it falls on a weekday will generally book up, Forth of July as well.)

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The flow chart is used to look at your day in brief and easily see where you need to be if you are delivering or where your truck s are if you are at the office and a customer calls looking for his bouncy castle. A flow chart will at a glance tell you where you are and where you are going next. Use different colored highlighters to distinguish between different routes. For example: use green to show which jumps Tom is delivering and yellow to highlight Greg's deliveries. Have a flow chart for every drive and a master copy for the office. On the flow charts for the drivers, only highlight their route.

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You will need to become familiar with your area. When filling out the flow chart direct drivers by using familiar landmarks and major crossroads so they have an idea of where the next inflatable bouncy castle are being delivered and how much time they have in between deliveries. As you become more familiar with the distances and areas you will be able to plan your bounce house deliveries in closer sequence. For example if Big Park is 2 blocks from FDR school you might want to put those deliveries on the same truck unless Happy Town is a distance away, then you would need to have them on separate trucks. The rental agreement sheet is a two part, and the most important paper you have when renting your bouncy castle. It is the disclaimer that relieves you of any responsibility if anything should happen. Of course, your attorney would remind you that no contract is worth the paper it's written on and every contract signed could be contested in court. However, it is vitally important you have that document signed because without it you won't have protection.

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