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How to Start a Moonwalk Company

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Purchasing Inflatable Games

You need first to decide how much you have to invest in buying your inflatable jumper; then which moonwalks to invest in. If all you have is $5000.00 dollars and you want to get the most for your money then you can buy two bouncers or combo units but make sure to invest in your marketing strategies as well. We want you to be successful so you’ll always return to Best Jumpers for your inflatable needs. There are obviously other options on purchasing and that's what this section deals with.

Funding you Moonwalk Rental

Credit Cards: Some customers opt to use credit cards; the best reason to use a credit card is on something that can generate revenue. On the down side you are using up your revolving credit. If you intend to use credit cards make sure your rates are reasonable.

Leasing / Financing: If you intend to finance through a leasing company (several are listed in the back of this booklet), expect to pay the same rates as you would a credit card. When starting your moonwalk company the leasing company will be looking at your personal credit, since your business has no credit history. On the up side the loan is completely tax deductible and some leasing companies can offer very competitive insurance rates which include replacement value of your jumpers. Leasing doesn't tie up your revolving credit line.

To see financing options please: inflatable financing.

 Chooseing Inflatables

You should also consider what items to choose from. Throughout the years we have figured out what will work best for companies just starting and business looking to expand. You can best find this information on our inflatable package deals page; which displays different inflatable jumper bundled together and discounted, giving you a much better field to enter your moonwalk company into the market. You will notice that different packages have different items. The starter packages, which are usually packages 1-5, contain mainly bounce houses, and a verity of combos or small slides. Packages 5-10 contain larger units like obstacle courses, big slides, interactive games, like your 2 Person Joust, and other inflatable jumper so your market is larger. Whatever your budget we can work with you to ensure your success and an inflatable rental company.

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6 | Step 7 | Step 8 | Step 9 | Step 10