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How to Start an Inflatable Company

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Researching the Inflatable Competition

So you’re thinking about going into business for yourself. Congratulations, you have made an active effort towards that goal by visiting our website and have started the process. Like any business it will take direct effort by you, the entrepreneur, for your company to grow. Below you’ll find the first step towards that direction.

Check the Yellow Pages

 Checking the yellow pages for competition is the easiest way to start the research process. Most listings for bounce houses will be under the heading Party Supplies, although some might be under the heading Party Planning, or Parties. Once you have found the listing check for websites and if you have a computer go online and look up those listed. Call all the companies without websites. You will need to check for the following information:

How large are the ads?

How much do inflatable companies charge for bounce houses and is it the same for Saturday, Sunday and weekdays? Which time slots do they offer? (2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours) Do they set up the inflatable or does the customer choose to pick up? (Do they ask what time you party is or tell you which times are available?)

What other items do they offer? (Cotton candy, snow cones, chairs or tables)

In which areas do they deliver the inflatable toys?

Do they deliver to jumpers to parks?

How early do they deliver and how late do they pick up?

Will they accommodate slumber parties or overnights?

Are there inflatable games insured?

Do they have anything available for the upcoming weekend?

Is a deposit required when renting the inflatables?

Are they able to take credit cards or checks?

Do they leave a company attendant?

After acquiring all the information you can, about the existing businesses in you area it's time to take a look at how you might fit in to the mix. (If there are no other businesses then you've hit pay dirt) Question number 11 is important if there are several companies without availability and it's nice outside. If no one has anything available, then it's safe to assume there is a need. Although if a company has inflatable games available it may be that their units are in poor shape, unclean, or perhaps that company is unreliable. Often a restaurant will sit empty while the one next door is overflowing. If you set your goal to be on time, friendly, and with clean bounce houses, chances are you'll have more customers than you can handle; the unreliable companies will see their business continue to dwindle.

Step 1 | Step 2 | Step 3 | Step 4 | Step 5 | Step 6 | Step 7 | Step 8 | Step 9 | Step 10