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USA #1 Custom Advertising Banner #2 Business Card Holder #3 Reinforced Door Structure #4 Reinforced Safety Step #5 Safety Sign #6 Double Stitched #7 Safe Play Netting #8 UV Coating #9 Emergency Exit #10 Lead Safe #11 Hand Crafted #12 Mechanized Cutting #13 Quality Materials



#1 Custom Advertising Banner

When you're thinking about advertisement the best place to start is the product you rent out. All our bounce house games come standard with your own customized banners which promote your products, build a local relationship and increase your sales revenue.

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#2 Business Card Holder

Creating word of mouth and building a grassroots connection with your clients is as easy as putting your business cards in the readymade business card holder for all to see. This small but important step will generate leads and profit in the long run framework for your business.

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#3 Reinforced Door Structure

Among the many important factors to consider when purchasing an inflatable is how the entrance and exit aspects work. Our bounce house door is exceptionally well constructed to allow for the large traffic over the years and ensures that riders don't plunge out hampering safety.

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#4 Reinforced Safety Step

The reinforced safety step that, is standard on all our bounce houses, provides for a safe entrance and exit from the bouncer. The step gives that small boost that young and old kids need to enjoy their time playing and provides a dependable landing for when they exhaust their energy.

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#5 Safety Sign

A safe playing environment starts at the door with our safety sign. Our games come standard with general instructions for what riders should and cannot do during their time in the inflatable games. We encourage all riders to have a great time and create long lasting memories but never at the expense of safety towards themselves and others.

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#6 Double Stitched

To craft our inflatables we use the thickest and strongest polyester thread on the market. To ensure further durability we double stitch every part of our games and quadruple stitch all stress points for maximum strength. Furthermore, through a verity of techniques our craftsmen limit the amount of air output from our inflatables to create a balance in pressure and resilience.

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#7 Safe Play Netting

Our netting is one of a kind in the industry because kids can't climb and potentially hurt themselves and others. While others in the industry use larger perimeter patterns we switched to the higher-priced one-quarter sized version. With thicker thread the netting can take more stress and has a longer lifespan.

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#8 UV Coating

When you rent games outdoors your products are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun that can eventually fade and dull the material color. Our products are finish coated with a UV cover to protect your investment from becoming un-rentable. By reflecting the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere instead of absorbing, our inflatables stay vivid and bright.

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#9 Emergency Exit

Unlike the industry average we have taken the additional step of installing an emergency exit on our bounce houses to ensure that all riders safely exit the ride in emergency situation. The exit is secured with velcro straps that can be easily popped off providing a quick passage, if in any circumstances, the game deflates.

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#10 Lead Safe

All our products, from our bouncers to water games, are independently tested lead safe and conform to state and federal regulations. With more and more inflatables being imported from China and other overseas locations, were regulation and testing criteria are skewed; we take pride in creating products in the US which strictly conform to safety standards.

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#11 Hand Crafted

Our expert craftsman use years of experience and knowledge to build the amazing inflatable games that put smiles on faces and create long-lasting memories. The expertise and attention that our craftsmen use in creating every inflatable are, among other reasons, why our games are the finest in the industry.

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#12 Mechanized Cutting

The superiority and difference of our cutting and processing department is centralized around the precision of the initial cut. Our mechanized cutting table uses CAD technology to accurately complete each cut with maximum care as compared to traditional hand cutting.

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#13 Quality Materials

Our inflatable materials are among the finest in the industry. The waived polyester base fabric provides a perfect balance of strength and durability, to accommodate the hundreds of patrons that our games will amuse throughout the years. The dual sided 18 ounce coating further protects the base fabric and gives life to our colorful creations which so many enjoy.

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