Party Inflatables

Having a Birthday Party on a Budget

Running a successful bounce house business has a lot to do with your customers needs. Being able to satisfy those needs is the key to having a profitable and highly recognized moonwalk business. More and more people are looking to save in ways to throw the most inexpensive party possible. You can in that sense, help provide just that. Provide your customers with not only great prices for a jump house, inflatable slide, or inflatable game but also provide them with helpful advice in throwing a magnificent affordable party. Recommend setting a budget for the party. Have them consider calculating just how much money they are willing to spend on the entire event. Being able to figure out exactly what they can afford is a great start to an honest and sincere relationship with your customers.  Figuring out their budget then allows you time to find the exact jump house, inflatable slide or inflatable game that can fit their needs.  A budget will allow you and the customer to narrow your options and figure out what can work for both of you.

Another great way to budget your party is to figure out where this party is going to take place. For instance, if a customer wants to have an affordable party, they should probably consider setting up in their back yard, or the neighborhood park rather than renting out a space at a theme park or circus function. A backyard or park gives you just the amount of space you need to set up any sized jump house or inflatable slide while still allowing you to stay on budget. Having a party at home alone is a huge saver. This often can not only allow you to save in location expenses but also allow you to broaden your customer’s guest list. The more guests at the party, the more potential clients for you as well. It is always great to provide quality service where you can understand and work with your customers because you are reimbursed with other customers as well.

Once you and your customer have worked through setting a budget and deciding location, you can go ahead an advice them to do some of the simple party needs themselves. One example being, instead of going out to buy party decorations, make them yourself.  Blend the colors with the jump house theme, and stick to solid colors to keep the theme going. You can even go out and ask your friends for any extra party goods they might have on hand from past events. Another great tip is making your own birthday cake at home, have the birthday girl or boy join in the process to give it that special touch it needs to be a great birthday cake. You can also play your own music with either a lap top or stereo.  If you have a giant inflatable slide in your backyard then stick to tropical music and Hawaiian themed decorations. If you’re considering a princess jump house, then go ahead and stick to purple and pink decorations along with Disney theme music. You can easily avoid all of the expensive luxuries that you your self can take care of with just a little advice and a great business partner along side. So remember to work with your customers and make sure you can be flexible while still making a profit.