Inflatable Moonwalk

Running a Moonwalk Business out of your home

The most general questions one asks when considering starting up their own business are simple. What type of business will I open? Will it be difficult? Will I have to invest more than I could afford? All the common questions anybody asks when looking for the right business path to set your sights on.  One business that can provide those answers with what fits your needs and can also accommodate your life style is the bounce house rental business. This business is becoming one of the most recognized in the leading quality family entertainment industries and the number one product everyone is seeking out in order to have a great event. These inflatable games are now being set up at birthday parties, school functions, fundraising events, church fairs and more. The process to begin your bounce house rental business is easy, simply look up any moonwalk for sale in your local newspaper or browse the web in search for a bounce house manufacturer to begin your purchase. You can start off with your choice of inflatables, ranging from one bounce house to, two or three slides, the choice is yours. Once you have made your purchase, and received the units, you can kick start your business and begin to rent out your inflatables.

One thing to keep in mind to help you along the way in your out of home business is the storage space you have available. When you first search a moonwalk for sale or bounce house manufacturer, be sure to have enough space available either in your garage, storage space, upstairs attic and so on to store the unit properly. The common misperception of new bounce house renters is that the unit may take little to no space, but be sure to ask for the correct measurements and approximate weight from your seller before you make the purchase. That way you can make sure beforehand you have the correct amount of space available for you’re newly purchase unit(s).

Another thing you can take into consideration to begin your bounce house rental business is positive advertisement. Begin with adding a separate business number to keep track of all of your clients. Combining your private calls and work calls can get a little confusing after a while, not only for you but for the clients as well. Go ahead and look into starting up your own web site and advertise through the internet as well. In today’s society everyone generally looks at a company’s web site for not only product details and public reviews, but also to make sure they are looking at a real business. Many customers go to your web site even before they even consider doing business with you. Give the customers the trust and promise they seek. Once you’ve done all that, go out and have some business cards made and start handing them out. There is no better way to spread the word about your business then with business cards. Hand them out at your local super market or neighborhood park and watch how people call and buy you bounce house services.

And finally you’ll need to learn to manage your time. Weather you decide to work full time or part time, in the bounce house rental business you need to manage your time wisely. When you begin to rent your bounce house units once, twice, or three times a day be sure to take time management into consideration. Be sure to calculate the distance between each location and how long each take down and set up will take. Staying on schedule and working at a steady pace leads to a happy client every time. A satisfied customer will then lead to positive reviews and more customers. This is often how time management can lead to a better and bigger profit.