Moonbounce Manufacturer

Bounce House Rules

Many people can easily jump to the conclusion that inflatable games are all 100% durable to almost anything, and that’s a misconception. Even the Best bounce house manufacturer has its limits as to what they recommend should and shouldn’t be allowed in your jumper. You always want to take some extra precautions to ensure the life expectancy of your inflatable. Therefore, you should note down a couple rules or tips for the use of your moonbounce.

Sharp objects are definitely on the top of the list of what not to allow. Sharp objects can be dangerous for both the other riders in the inflatables and the inflatable itself. While some objects are easier to notice then others, it is always recommended to explain to your riders that they should take the safety of others and themselves into consideration before entering the moonbounce. Also you wouldn’t want to place the inflatable near a location that will have large sticks and twigs or small hay needle stacks around to possible hurt the inflatable or riders.bounce house manufacturer, bouncy castle, jumpers for sale, moonbounce, moonwalks, jumpers for sale

Shoes can also be a hug problem for your inflatables life expectancy. Bounce house manufacturers usually include the in the no shoes policy in most of their safety rules but can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain your shoes off while in the jumper. Shoes generally cause a lot of accidents and complaints in between riders because of the rough housing or constant movement of riders while in the jumper. It also makes your moonbounce more prone to wear and tear earlier than expected. Shoes can be too heavy for the material or simply too much for the material to handle at a day to day basis and can always go noticed.

Another big topic would be jewelry and eye wear. These two accessories are usually of a lot of worth to riders and can easily get broken or lost while on the moonbounce. It is always recommended that any valuables such as cell phones, wallets and jewelry be removed in before entering the unit. Potentially hazardous or dangerous jewelry can be dangling earrings or open gages, as accidents can happen. Children and adults alike can also be surprised at how having a good time can lead to loss of property if unaware of what you have in your pockets. Bounce house manufacturer also make sure to include this in warning signs or general bounce house rules for renters to be aware of.  

Other obvious rules that should be enforced are those of not having animals, food, drinks, smoking, pregnant women, flips, wrestling, and children climbing the netting when inside the jumper. All of these general rules are to ensure the safety of all riders choosing to participate in the game and of the inflatable. Animals of course are not allowed simply because the unit isn’t typically made for animals to be using them. Food and drinks are not allowed because they would cause a huge mess in the inflatable and sometimes cause an accident when other riders are in the moonbounce.  Smoking of course isn’t allowed in many places and definitely shouldn’t be allowed in the inflatable unit you are renting out. Burns and cuts can happen when smoking around other riders or potential damage to the inflatable can occur if the cigarette butt is dropped inside the unit. Pregnant women would risk too much because of the ongoing movement and would really cause harm to themselves or their unborn child. And lastly flips, wrestling, and net climbing are all forms of extreme rough housing and can cause serious injuries to other riders. You can also expect to see your moonbounce endure a lot of repairs and damages if allowed to continue.