Moonwalks for Sale

Making the Most of Social Media for your Moonwalks Business

The days where businesses would only contact customers using the everyday postal service or word of mouth has since evolved to become much more universal and effective. With today’s generation being so tuned in with the ongoing advances of technology, it’s no wonder moonbounce businesses are now looking to become socially involved with trending websites like Face book, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Many businesses start off promoting their moonbounce rentals using these web sites, but most don’t know how to properly do so.bouncy castle, inflatable jumper for sale, bounce house, jump house, moonwalk, bouncy, sale, buy

When you first look into buying moonwalks for sale and starting your business, you could begin to browse around at what web sites you’ll use to promote your business. Take setting up your twitter account for instance; make sure to add basic contact information such as business name, your name, address, and phone number. Doing so will let the potential customers who are interested in renting out your moonbounce know who and where to call when browsing your account. Same thing should go for your Face book and YouTube account. People want to know exactly who their dealing with instead of having to guess or bring up the awkward question of “where am I calling “or “who am I speaking too?”

Another thing people forget to do when starting up there web site accounts is posting up photos of the moonbounce for sale you purchased. It’s a common thing for people to want to see the product before they go out and rent it. Take into consideration the fact that these photos are going to be the first impression customers will get of your moonbounce business. Avoid purchasing a moonbounce for sale that looks dirty or worn out because as a result your photos won’t do much help when it comes to gaining potential business off your web accounts. The photos taken for your web site should be the best you shots you got and in nice setting so that your customers can see your units at their best.

On different web accounts such as YouTube and face book, you can even post videos of your units being rented out and just how much fun they provide. This gives customers a sneak peek at what they should expect to receive when they rent out your moonbounce. You can also use the videos as a short tutorial of the proper way to use an inflatable or just how long the set up and take down process actually takes. The more information you provide your customers, on your web account, the easier the rental process will be.

Most importantly, remember to keep you face book, twitter, or YouTube account up to date. There is no point of setting up an account for promoting purposes if you’re not going to keep up with it. A lot of customers prefer to keep in contact via email and will definitely look at emailing you for rental purposes. If you’re going weeks at a time without checking your web accounts than you won’t have any customers to respond to because it will be far too late. Keep in mind the moonbounce rental business is an ongoing business and requires your outmost attention. Use your web accounts to promote weekly specials or events you have scheduled and boost your revenue that way. Comment on friends accounts and let them know about the cool new moonbounce for sale you recently added to your inventory, whatever it may be, post it and keep on advertising. All of this does help and if done consistently, the return investment will come in quickly.