Inflatable Games

Checklist things to-do before the season

Welcome to the 2012 season! As winter roles down and the snow begins to thaw ask yourself if you’re ready to jump into gear and get your rentals going? It’s that time of year to start planning for your season and begin steps to improve your business profits and overall outlook. You may be asking what areas of a rental business would need planning or improvement? Well there are multiple steps that you should take now to increase long term profits which include: reviewing your available inventory, planning your marketing strategy, building meaningful relationships with other local small businesses and establishing or modifying your pricing schedule. To be most effective during your peak season it is vital to get a head start and build a more efficient and profitable company by strategically improving the number of items you offer, the type of marketing you engage in, the relationships you build and most importantly what you charge for your services. To further improve other areas of your company and strengthen your core business model we encourage you to visit our 10 Step Inflatable Business section on our website.

To jumpstart the inflatable season we started our annual Early Bird Sale were you’ll see lots of discounted items on single games and packages deals. You can, as always, also create your own package of games you like instead of the packages we provide. Furthermore, if you’re looking to take advantage of these great prices but don’t have the space to store your games yet; we can create a layaway were you can pay with payments and have it shipped at your convenience. Over the past few weeks our team of designers and staff has improved and created over 25 new games adding to our bounce house, slides, combo units and interactive game lines we currently offer. Among the many games we created are new toddler combos, sports games, and fun circular bounce houses. You can see our full line of new games by clicking here.

Areas youe should look at sonner then later are:

1.  Take a look at your web site and make sure its up to date with current products, pricing and SEO.
2.  If possible, check all your equipment for cleanliness and functionality including vehicles and trailers.
3.  Start distributing your marketing materials now. The sooner the better.
4.  Check to make sure you adhere to your insurance requirements and everything is correct.
5.  Place your ads for new employees and get them trained and up to speed.
6.  Inventory your concession/game supplies and stock up now.
7.  Invest in a new roll of Tear Aid and good luck in 2012.