Inflatable Games

So you bought your first inflatable games and are now wondering how to set it up. While inflating a bounce house of any other inflatable games is fairly simple there are things you must look for and do to be a safe and successful inflatable rental company. This articel lays out both the rental procedures and also what to look for when setting up and inflatable game


Inflatable Rental Procedures

Know Where You are Going

Have a good map and/or print one off the Internet. Ask the homeowner/event coordinator to confirm the directions ahead of time. It can be extremely frustrating to be roaming around an area, unable to find the location. A cell phone is a good investment as you can call the event coordinator if you get lost.

Arrive Early

Sounds basic, but you never know what to expect when you get there and you are likely to be dealing with stressed out parents. You will be sure that you don't intrude on their event and they will be pleased to have something to keep the kids busy.

Meet the Event Coordinator

Introduce yourself to the event coordinator (parent) and ask where they would like for you to set up the inflatable game. Never assume where they want the bounce house to go and just start setting up unless you already have clear instructions on their reservation form. You may want to ask for payment at this time.

Inspect the Location

Inspect the location for slope, overhanging branches, phone lines, rocks, roots, or other conditions that may be unsafe or cause damage to your inflatable game. Be firm with the event coordinator if another location is needed- you are responsible not only for the inflatable gamebut any injuries that may result from improper setup.

If the location is unsuitable, it is better to stress safety issues to the event coordinator than possible damage issues. You need to get them to agree to move the bounce house to a more suitable location. They may be disappointed and try to convince to you set up in their chosen location because another one will conflict with their plans. Keep in mind that insurance claims can be expensive and repairs to your inflatable gameare too and stand your ground as nicely as possible. Explain to them that safety comes first with your company.

Grass Setup

Check for rocks, sticks, and sharp roots that mcan damage your inflatable game. Ask about irrigation systems before you start pounding your stakes into the ground! Whenever possible, you want to set up on grass so that you can secure the inflatable gamemore firmly.


It is very important to make sure that you use a tarp to cut down on the wear and scuffs on the bottom of your bounce house. If you (or your staff) are not attending the rental, stress to the responsible adult the importance of checking the inflatable gameevery so often to make sure it stays on the tarp. Use stakes & or weights to secure inflatable.


In general, sloping ground and inflatable games are a bad combination. A slight slope should not cause a problem if you add extra stakes to the uphill side of the bounce house. You may also want to tie the inflatable game to a tree or other fixture. Do not ever secure a bounce house to a car or other vehicle. If the slope is too steep, you will need to help the event coordinator find another location or cancel the rental. It is a good idea to ask about these conditions during the reservation process.


Before you start unloading, ask for and locate the nearest electrical outlet. Try to stay within 50 feet. If you have to use more extension cord to keep the cord out of the way of traffic, then do it. You don't want someone tripping over the cord and possibly getting hurt or causing the inflatable gameto deflate.

A nice tool to have in your kit is a plug tester to make sure the outlet is working. These are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store or home improvement store. Many outdoor outlets do not work properly and it is better to know this before you are ready to inflate the inflatable game!

You can also find heavy duty extension cords that have an LED light in the plug that will let you know whether the outlet is working or not.

Training and Safety

If you are leaving the bounce house with the event coordinator, take some time to review safety procedures. Review the safety sign and any written procedures you have for them. Walk them around the bounce house and point out the stakes or sandbags and let them know the blower must be turned on for the inflatable gameto stay inflated. Show them how to re-tighten the straps on the blower and ask them to check every so often during heavy use. Don't assume they know anything- it is better to tell them too much than too little. Review rain or wind procedures if there is a possibility of bad weather. Stress the importance of proper adult supervision at all times. Always ask if they have any questions.

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Setting up you Inflatable Game

Step 1 - Check Site

Check your site for stones, sticks, or other obstructions. Check for the nearest electrical outlet and TEST IT before you start. This can save you a lot of work later. Many outdoor outlets do not work. Once you have your site ready, unfold your tarp.   

A word about tarps: some people do not use them on grass setups. Always use a tarp to protect your investment. Use 18" landscape spikes with washers for securing the inflatable inflatable game. We like the landscape spikes because you can use a hammer or mallet to drive them securely into any type of soil, even hard-packed clay.  

Stake down the tarp, in at least 4 corners. Drive the spikes all the way into the ground so that no one will trip on it. You may want to drive spikes into the center hole of each side of the tarp as well, although the corners are usually enough. It is important to stake down your tarp to prevent it from moving while you are setting up the inflatable inflatable game.

Step 2 - Unload the Inflatable

Many people use the back of a van or a truck to deliver inflatable games

Tip the inflatable game up on the rolled end.  

Once the bounce house is on its' end, pull your hand truck into place. It is important to place the bounce house on the hand truck with the blower tubes facing out, on the opposite side from the hand truck. The tubes show you where the back of the bounce house is so that you know which side you need to place toward the blower. This will help you to easily position the bounce house on the tarp, ready to unroll.  

Slide the hand truck under the inflatable game, then tip it back onto the hand truck and roll it off the trailer. This hand truck has inflatable wheels- they are much better for this type of work than the hard-wheeled type of hand truck. Hard wheels tend to tear up grass and drag in low traction conditions. 

Step 3: Setup

Good placement on the tarp will make unrolling your inflatable game easy. 

Position the bounce house in the center of the back of the tarp (wherever you plan to place the blower). Tip the bounce house forward and pull the hand truck out from under it. Then allow it to fall back onto the tarp with the blower tubes on top.  

You may need to adjust the inflatable game to that it lines up correctly and is centered.  

Untie the straps and remove them. Place them in your bag so you don't lose them.  

Unroll the blower tubes.  

Unroll the inflatable game.  

Unfold the sides and straighten them out. 

Step 4: Secure the Inflatable Bounce House

Securing the inflatable gameis a critical safety step. Use stakes & or weight bags at ALL tie down points. Check with your city, county, or insurance company to see if they have any specific requirements for your state for how the bounce house must be secured. 

Step 5: Inflate & Inspect

Inflating only takes a minute or two! Don't skip a quick inspection before you allow the kids in. 

Most inflatable games have two blower tubes on them. On the one that will not have the blower attached to it, you will need to close the opening. Pleat or fold the vinyl fabric as tight as you can, then use the attached strap to secure it shut. This doesn't have to be airtight- expect some air to leak out of this tube. Escaping air is what makes your inflatable game bouncy.  

Hook the blower up to the other tube. Slide the blower opening into the tube, then pleat and fold the extra fabric around the blower to hold it while you tighten the strap. Wrap the strap around the blower and tube and tighten. Make sure you have gathered all the fabric in the strap, especially around the bottom, where it is hard to see. All set!  

Check to make sure your extension cord is away from foot traffic as much as possible. Arrange the cord so that it is away from the entrance of the inflatable game. Make sure all children are away from the bounce house before you turn the blower on. Simply plug in the blower and turn it on. Inflatation only takes a minute or two. Kids will want to get in immediately but make sure you complete your inspection and training with the responsible party first.  

Take off your shoes and get in the inflatable game with spray cleaner, a rag, and a small vacuum. Quickly check for anything that may have been missed in the last take-down cleaning. Then walk around the inflatable game and inspect it for any dirt or damage. You may want to have the responsible person (if you are leaving it unattended) walk with you. Then review operating instructions and emergency procedures with the responsible