Inflatable Bounce House

Cleaning your moonbounce

Running a clean and dependable business is usually what any business owner aims for. In order for that to occur smoothly however, you will need to have consistency and a couple priorities lined up for your field of work. In the inflatable bounce house industry, clean unit’s means a lot. You need to properly sanitize and clean your units to keep business coming back and to prolong the life expectancy of your moonbounce for sale rentals you purchased in the first place.

Any smart investor or business owner would make sure to keep up with the overall maintenance of each individual inflatable bounce house unit you rent. You need to make sure you keep your current customers and can easily bring in more, so simply follow the procedures of properly sanitizing and cleaning your units and you can avoid a bad reputation. Although moonbounce for sale units you purchased are the primary resource of smiles, laughs and joy, inflatable jumpers can really carry a lot of bacteria if abused. Children can become sick if your rental equipment is not sanitized properly after every use and with sick children, nobody will consider your business for their inflatable bounce house rental needs.

A wise first step to take would be to purchase completely new rags, broom sticks, and overall cleaning equipment specifically for you moonbounce for sale units once purchased. Once you have your cleaning tools you can begin to work your way towards cleaning and sanitizing your inflatable bounce house unit the proper way. Start off by Inflating each of your units one at a time for a nice sweep down inside, outside, and even on the netting and pillar section of your moonbounce for sale as well to ensure proper cleaning. Be sure to do a quick inspection of the unit beforehand for any loose items or debris that may be found in the unit.

Once your inflatable bounce house is free of any leftover waste and dirt, you can go onto begin the sanitizing process. You can use cleaning solutions such as “Simple Green” or “Orange Glow”. Both of these cleaning solutions are citrus based cleaners and designed to be much more natural than any other cleaning products. You can also dilute the solution with a bit of water for an easier cleaning process. Hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and even Costco carry most simple green and orange glow products. Once you mix your formulas you can use the wash clothes and rags you purchased specifically for your moonbounce for sale unit to sanitize your unit. In a rhythmic motion wipe down your bouncer inside and out, pillars and bounce floor and any leftover shoe marks left over when rolling.  

As soon as you finish that up, you’re done and that’s all there is to it. Depending on weather you purchased standard 13x13 moonbounce for sale units or a larger 65ft long obstacle courses and games, the cleaning process can take anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes. Take the necessary steps to stand out from any other rental company and build your foundation and reputation around the cleanest, safest and most customer oriented inflatable bounce house business around. 

Here is a good example of the proper way to clean a bounce house or any other inflatable game. Keep up the good work.