Indoor Inflatables

Family Entertainment and Indoor Centers

Indoor centers everywhere are becoming the number one place to go and have fun with family and friends. They are where both children and adults can either sit back and relax or go out and have the time of their lives, all in one place. Family Entertainment centers are a great place to have quality inflatable fun in a safe and controlled environment for all the young and the young at heart.  The Indoor FEC’s provide a variety of choices for every age group and any time of year. Whether it is rain or shine, these indoor centers have got the fun well taken care of. There are many popular inflatable categories in the indoor center industry, many of which Best Jumpers manufactures.

Slides – In many indoor centers and Family Entertainment centers there are slides, from double lane slides to two in one slide with both bouncing and sliding areas. There are also in some cases, water games inside the facilities as well. These games are equipped with climb up and slip and slide attachments for a wild and fun time. People of all ages enjoy the over the top slides that provide universal entertainment.

Bounce houses – Another popular category in indoor FEC’s is the bounce house. There are a variety of choices when it comes to the bounce house now a day. You can have any theme you want, from tinker bell, to dinosaur or happy face inflatables. You can even have sport car themed jumpers or sea world themed inflatables as well. The new and enhanced technology that has been created in the inflatable industry now allows indoor centers and indoor FEC’s to have just about any kind of inflatable they like.

Games – A very popular category is the games. Children can now play any type of game imaginable in any indoor center. They can play some speed cage, basketball hoops, bungee run, sticky wall, joust duel and much more. The inflatable games of today are great for team building and just classic fun. These games bring out both the competitive edge and the happiness inside everyone.

Overall, Family Entertainment centers and indoor centers alike are a great form of entertainment to bring everyone closer together, providing classic inflatable fun that every age group can enjoy.