Commercial Bounce House

Residential vs Commercial Party Jumpers for Sale

Some people might say there is not much difference in a commercial bounce house and an at-home version, but in reality there is. The difference may not be obvious to the naked eye but when taking a closer look or doing some research the difference is inevitable.  Technology has allowed for inflatable manufactures to create the two as a way to please the outdoor and indoor renters and the at home audience that use the inflatables for their own personal use. Many families simply use them for the kids to have something to do in the backyard some afternoons and others as a form of entertainment to 2-3 kids. It’s important that you learn to differentiate the two so that you can know what party jumper for sale you see at a manufacturer is actually for that party purpose.

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Many may ask how to notice the big differences between the commercial bouncer and the at-home version, and that’s primarily done with the observing of material.  A commercial bounce house has material that is much thicker and of high quality. You will also notice that the material is generally made to sustain much more activities and weather temperatures. More children are expected to be on the units so the seams are much more reliably and sturdy. Also the material is made to be easily wiped down if dirty and resistant to long hours of jumping and rough housing.  The colors are also designed to stay colorful and vibrant without much fading of constantly being in the sun.

Unlike party jumpers for sale that are of commercial use, at home versions are not made to endure any of that. The material used for at home versions is generally much lighter and thinner, much like material found in plastic toys. At home versions are really meant for just one-three kids jumping around and not really for too long. If placed in a party environment, then the bounce house will really end up extremely damaged. The wear and tear will definitely be visible if more than say 8-10 children are caught jumping for a matter of more than 4 hours. The seams are not always as enforced as those of commercial bouncer house and can easily come undone, so it is extremely important you never over whelm you at home version bounce house.

The blower can also play a huge part in how to tell the commercial party jumpers for sale from the at home bounce house version, and that is with the motor. The motor that comes with the commercial bounce house is designed to blow air for a long period of time and also strong enough to still hold up an entire units and a good number of kids. The at home version has a blower that has a much smaller motor and could only stay running for a short period of time and also only meant for only two-three children at one time. The sizes can vary from sizes and you could tell by some colors being used to differentiate the two.

Customers looking to purchase either an at home version or commercial bounce house should always make sure they can tell which is their product. Being able to choose your product can save you a lot of repairs or surprises down the road.