Buy a bounce house

The process of buying a bounce house from a inflatable manufacturer

As many first time business owners feel, you want to be able to know exactly what you’re doing in every aspect that involves your new inflatable business. Decisions like deciding on your business name to deciding on the right bounce house manufacturer you’re going to be working with are all equally important. Knowing how to start off on the right foot however, is all determined by how you order a bounce house.  Factors like researching different bounce house manufacturers, Online Resources, and Shipping details, all play a huge part on how successful your inflatable business will be.

Selection Process – The selection process is anything from the variety of inflatables each bounce house manufacturer offers to how many units they currently have in stock. Being able to browse through a variety of inflatables that can play to all types of events is primary. Secondary comes how many units you have available to you that are in stock or not. You want to have the option of ordering inflatable units from a bounce house manufacturer that are ready or require a couple days to make.

Calling/ Online Resources – Receiving the necessary information both online and over the phone is always important when ordering a bounce house inflatable. Separating the positive and negatives from both is how you should come to your decision. Take into consideration how you’re treated over the phone and how easy the process is made to order online. When ordering with a bounce house manufacturer that has a high standard for customer satisfaction, you should be able to find resources on the web page and directly from any Customer Representative that you may speak to. You should also be able to navigate your way easily through their web site for consideration to their customers. 

Manufacturing – Another huge topic you should research on is bounce house manufacturers. Ask the questions you need to ask before purchasing and learn great material from cheap material. Some example questions are; do you manufacture your inflatable products in the US? Are your bounce houses imported from China? And what kind of material do you use for your inflatable Units? You wouldn’t want to be fooled by price when the material you’re really purchasing will only hold up a year. You should always do your best to learn who your bounce house manufacturer is, and how it works before doing business with them.

Shipping – Other details that also play a role in how you order a bounce house inflatable is how shipping will be dealt with once the order is placed. Find out who your carrier will be, and approximately how many days it will take for your shipment to arrive. Also, look into details on how you will track your package and who you will contact for further questions or basic information on your package. As many people know bounce house manufacturers are not responsible for the shipment after it has shipped, therefore you should ask the questions necessary to feel comfortable enough to place your order; taking into consideration those of which include shipping details.