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Top 5 things to consider when buying an inflatable

Inflatable jumpers, more commonly known as, bounce houses, have become inspiration for kids and parents to have a good time. Our team of sales and customer service representatives, designers, and seamstresses love knowing how much the public enjoys our creations. We take pride in creating party jumpers, bouncing houses and moonbouncers that business and the public use to bring smiles to faces. Among the many things that we take satisfaction of is manufacturing right from the heart of Los Angeles, CA.

While business after business is outsourcing one department or the other we feel we have the most control of our inflatables quality and safety when they are made with care by our own staff. Whether it be the express shipping timeframe or flexibility in design and service manufacturing inflatables form the US ensures the best quality, longer lifespan, and great service. We are so confident that our inflatable game are more superior than Chinese knock-offs that we back it by a two year seam to seam warranty.

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Among the many things you should consider when purchasing an inflatable here are the top five:

Quality Materials:

At the foundation of any good inflatable games is good quality materials. While the vinyl is the most important aspect of any inflatable games for sale, you should also consider the thread, netting and more basic aspects that keep the vinyl pieces together.

Precision Cutting:

In this day of technology having cuts that are precise to the millimeter can extend the life of the product significantly. By investing in machine cutting and CAD designs we are investing in the quality, accuracy and value of our inflatables. Unlike traditional template hand-cutting machine cuts bring a level of superiority over our other manufacturers.

Express Shipping:

The beauty of manufacturing in the US and having contracted shipping services through multiple fright companies is getting your things to you quicker. Have you ever called to make a purchase to be told that you had to wait four or more weeks to receive your inflatables? This usually means one thing: you’re dealing with an Chinese importer that is only pretending to manufacture from the US. Even if you would like to build something with custom colors we manufacture and ship nationwide in just a few business days through our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California.

Safety Features:

For over a decade our team has looked constantly to improve on our infaltables safety features by utilizing  forward thinking ideas and by talking to average people who are using our products on a daily bases. Simple ideas such as using smaller sized netting and having standard safety steps on our bounce houses minimize accidence and enhance safety. Among many aspects of our games we focus greatly on always improving our products safety.

Full Package:

Although price may be a factor when considering who and what to buy, our focus has always been to create a high quality, safe and durable product without cutting corners. With any inflatable purchase we provide all that is needed to operate the games including: tarps, stakes, banners, and a repair kit just to name a few things. Above all we are so confident that our inflatable games will outperform anyone else we provide a standard two year seam to seam warranty on all products.