We at Best Jumpers are constantly looking to improve the flexibility and friendliness of our website. Therefore, we embarked on the task of creating a new and improved format of displaying our wonderful creations through our bestjumpers.com medium.  Of the many improvements that we implemented the simplification of finding products, inflatables  on sale and jump house package deals have been essential. By simply reorganizing and prioritizing these categories under a single banner you can save time and get things done more efficiently. Furthermore, we have improved your customer service experience by centralizing all your needs into a customized user account. Your personalized account will feature an easy to use interface were you can see all your orders in progress and orders you placed in the past. You may also provide feedback on games, add to your wishlist, subscribe to our newsletter and download the product manual and complimentary high resolution images of the games you ordered.

Best Jumpers Facebook

Furthermore, the resources sections provides tools for prospective entrepreneur to take advantage of our decade of knowledge in the inflatable rental business and create your money making businesses. Best Jumpers is also reaching out to our customers by introducing our media method of communication through facebook, twitter, you tube and flicker. We are attempting to keep in contact with you, our customer, through these revolutionary methods, in an attempt to further improve your experience and our products.  

 With all of these new improvements we hope your time with Best Jumpers is a pleasant and progressive experience.


Best Jumpers Team